Hey, Gorgeous! Welcome to my blog. ALL photos here are taken by me. -Samantha <3
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Re-reading the Hunger Games trilogy this break.
currently reading&#160;: Catching Fire
Cheetos Twisted Puffs are heaven. 
I love this! So artsy. 
This is one of my favorite quotes quoted by J.K. Rowling.
Nimbling on this while reblogging.
Hey, gorgeous. ;)
*Did you know? 
I started off by designing a plain sheet of paper. Then, I ripped off the side. Finally, I took a photo of it. With the help of my trusty photo editor (the one I use to add watermarks to my photos), I was able to give it this burned sides effect. How cool is that? 
Took this in our enchanted garden. I didn&#8217;t edit this one. The photo&#8217;s beautiful the way it is.
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